What is the Conversation You need to have with Your Team

Team Conversation

‘The Great Talk’ you have with your co-workers and team members, as the team leader may shape a lot of things that happen in the course of the business. If your conversations are effective, then the organization will generate results, and if not, the results of the organization will get impacted. But, what kind of conversations are we talking about? Let’s us find out!

  • The conversation about what the organization commits to: The first job of the leader is to create a team that empowers the future of the organization. A future that shapes the culture of the organization- the essence of the company, beliefs, thought processes, attitudes of the employees, ideologies and principles of the organization. A future that will take care of the core reason for the organization’s existence, and empower its people to get to work daily.
  • The conversation about the structure and ownership of the company: Your employees should never feel like it is only you who owns the company and its profits. The business is co-created by all the members of the company. Your team will genuinely put in all their efforts and work towards a common goal, if you are able to convince them that you are trustworthy and you are working for the good of all, keeping all their interests in mind as well.
  • The conversation about the never-ending learning process: “Keep learning, and never limit your sources of info.” Learning isn’t just textbook learning; learning is to allow people to experiment and do things they haven’t tried before; learning is to encourage people to step out of the comfort zone; learning is to provide your team with a supportive environment for them to grow.
  • The conversation on failures and optimism: Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes. Owning up to those faults is what makes you stronger. If you are old enough to hold the steering wheel, you are old enough to be responsible for the direction you are heading towards. There is nothing to gain by regretting things. Review your decisions. Make the decision to change. Take Action.
  • The conversation on taking the correct risks: Just because the balloon is expanding you cannot keep blowing in more air; at some point the balloon will burst. You need to realize where to stop. Surround yourself with people who are smart and creative. Get the best council you can, which can support you during your best as well your worst.

In my opinion, these are the key conversations a leader should master.


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