Upcoming Platforms to Sell your Brand


Selling your brand is a task. You have to look for so many factors. Setting up your own place requires a lot of capital investment. But thanks to many the internet, there are many platforms wherein you can promote as well as sell your brand. So if you are confused as to which platform to select, we are here to guide you for the upcoming platforms that you can choose to house your brand.

One of the most popular channels to sell your products is Amazon. It has huge popularity amongst the masses, and hence is a proof that it will attract audience towards your brand. But selecting Amazon as a platform depends on the kind of product or service you are trying to sell. Say if you are dealing with a brand that has something vintage or unique, the chances are slim that you will benefit from Amazon. The fee payment of Amazon depends upon the volume of items you sell.

Another platform that is a little similar to Amazon is ebay. The major advantage that you get at ebay is that you have a global reach. People from any corner of the globe can view and access your products. So in terms of reach, ebay has an upper hand. Also the auction facility that the place provides is something that all marketers should try. Though it is slightly risky because certain time you don’t get the good value of the product. Ebay charges a commission for each product that you sell.

Now a day’s almost every second person is on social media. The reliance on social media handles has increased tremendously. And these vehicles prove to be a major upcoming platform to sell your brand. Sites like facebook and instagram are the easiest and probably the cheapest way of selling your goods. For instagram all you need to do is make a page and list your products with features and people will select from it. The major advantage of this is that you don’t even have to make a website for your brand. Similarly on facebook you can create page for your brand and start selling there. Apart from facebook page, there is now facebook market place that you can choose to sell your brand locally. The only money investment that will be requires in such social media platforms is the money you pay for the promotion of the pages.

Another way of selling your brand is to go specific.What we mean to say is, look for a place that sells and houses brands and  products of your brand’s category. Say for example if you are dealing with craft and handicraft supplies, you can sell your brand on a website like Etsy. If your products are unique and quirky, you are going to find Etsy the best place to sell your products. A major advantage is that you will attract those customers and viewers that are definitely interested in the type of products you are selling! Now a customer who is looking for a cell phone will obviously not visit Etsy. So the targeting of audience done here is appropriate and favors your brand.


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