Tips To Make The Most Of Your Google AdWords Budget

With Digital Marketing taking the entire corporate sector by storm, Google AdWords may the most popular platform for advertising of all the other options. Google AdWords offers an enormous display network and a variety of location options as in where your ads can be placed. Google AdWords is a large ad network, and with any of the large ad networks, the major concern always boils down to the cost. How can you take advantage of your entire budget and achieve high quality ads, without paying anything unnecessary? The following tips will help you balance out the money prospective:

  • Creating as many variations of the ad as possible will reduce the costs to a very large extent. So, you break down your entire audience target group into different segments based on a set of predefined parameters. Instead of launching one or two ads for the entire group of audience, you could now have many ads tailored for the specific customer subgroups. For example, if you have a store selling clothes for women, you can’t target everyone with a more general ad for women apparel. So you have different ads for skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, formals, casuals, etc.
    These many specific ads give a better conversion rate than one more general ad in all.
  • Instead of relying on Google Keywords Tool, you should target the respective segments of audience with the keywords they may use to search for a product. Use brand name, color of the product, and some specific quality the customers most commonly look for. Google may miss out on some of the most popular keywords, so it is better to analyze the audience yourself so that you use appropriate keywords for your ad. Use keywords search engine if necessary and the demand and sales data always comes handy for these kinds of operations.
  • You could use Google Analytics to track your conversion rate for your ads.
  • While you are at running different ads, run them for a few weeks and check how they are functioning. At least a month would be necessary to gather accurate data for your keywords. You can then compare data for different ads, so as to figure out which ads can be optimized and which ads were not up to the mark. This will help you avoid making the same mistakes again with the future ads, kill bad keywords and help save your budget.


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