Should we give up cash to save trees?


Being green is the biggest trend now a day each and every company is following to be in this race of being in new trends. Every company tends to make and produce their goods and other final products using the raw material and keeping the health of the surrounding environment in mind. Some also puts a logo of “Eco Friendly” sticker on their products to show that they are turning themselves into an Eco Friendly company. But in the end this all is a part of being ahead of the competitor and be on the edge of becoming more successful so that they can make more and more profit.

But paper cash is still being used by various big firms because of two main reasons. These two reasons are:

1. Fees
2. Taxes

Every transaction from a machine where the customer swipes their credit or a debit card, depending on the bank they are charged a fee of 4 to 5%. This is done at every small to big transaction being processed. This can be easily understood by an example that is for every $10,000 the company or an organization is charged with a fee of around $500. They have to pay this fee so as to continue their service of the transaction from the machine.

But if all this being Eco Friendly is not a lie and a company truly wants to save environment and is really concerned about the environmental health then they would never have any problem in paying that much amount of tax to save paper. This will automatically avoid the use of paper and in return it will save trees and eventually will save environment. People also are now using only card transaction to make any payment for buying any product. This is an intense step for being cash less in terms of making transactions. Also this is an efficient step in leading a healthy life as we pass cash to another person and various types of bacteria is spread easily increasing the risk of getting sick. This is because not everyone is good at keeping the hygiene and hence we transfer germs from one person to another. Keeping the trees safe will also save the various species that all depends on the rainforests and hence this will directly led to a safe and a healthy environment. So, use of paper cash should be decreased and will result in saving the trees.


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