Ola Set to Launch Credit Cards

Payment by credit card

Well, the first thing that comes to mind we think or talk about Ola is the competition that exists between Ola and Uber. For all those who live under a rock and have no idea of the world outside their homes, Ola and Uber are two app-based cab services which have satisfied people immensely with their on-point services. However, there have often been scandalous events as well and that has definitely made it to social media posts, mems and updates. There are several top companies such as Facebook and Amazon which have made it big in the world and economic scenario, owing to the internet and its services. Well, you would now be surprised to know that Ola has been planning for a while to go a step further and launch its own credit card. Yes, you read that right! An actual credit card that you will be able to use just like the bank credit cards you already have. In fact, what’s surprising is the fact that it is likely to happen soon and be launched within this year itself, that is, 2018. This year had already been like a roller coaster ride with so many developments happening in the world of applications and technology and this is just another feather in the cap if this actually comes true.

According to internal sources, Ola has already set up and appointed an internal team to launch the credit product. This definitely needs expert advice, skill and design to become a reality and Ola is going to take no chances. A loss in this field would not only be a financial loss but also loss of face. This means that in case of any mishaps, the other services provided by Ola are also likely to suffer since the masses would lose faith and that might be the end of the company as a whole. Thus, there is no scope for casualties. However, we cannot yet comment on the nature of the credit card. In the sense, that we do not know yet if the card will be purely a product of Ola or whether it will be launched in collaboration with other credit card and debit card banks that are more commercial in nature and have far reaching operations. All we know is that the idea of this credit card surely excites us and it will be great to see if it proves to be a success and gives Ola’s competitors as run for their money or Ola ends up making a fool of themselves. Either way, we won’t invest until and unless we receive hundred percent accurate and honest reviews.

Ola has been a great generator of employment and this is literally quite needed in today’s world where there is rising population and ever increasing unemployment. In a time when artificial intelligence is killing humanity, services like these are more needed which provide people the scope to work and earn.


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