Mistakes Startups Make on Social Media

Social media

Social media has over the years emerged as one of the most powerful tools for promotion advertisements and even running entire businesses. Whether you are involved in the sale of a product or a service the amount of scope that social media provides in terms of reach amongst the masses is too vast. Social media is definitely the game changer when it comes to marketing of your product as the number of people using them nowadays is too large and is increasing too very rapidly. So, with such high stakes on social media for your startup, it is very common to commit some mistakes that can make things worse for you. Here are some of the common mistakes that startups make on social media which are important for you to recognize and avoid them if you are planning to launch your startup too.

1. The most important aspect of online marketing is, knowing your target audience. Without recognizing your target audience and the right platform to target them all your effort will go in vain and will be worthless. You need to conduct an extensive research into it so that you don’t waste your valuable resources targeting wrong people on the wrong platforms. Also differentiating your audience needs according to the social media platforms being used is very important and should not be neglected.

2. Content optimization is another important aspect of online marketing. After all social media is all about content and hence not delivering quality content is a very common mistake that startups make on social media. What is required is a right balance of visuals and quality content optimized to meet the requirements of the target audience. Writing too much or delivering insufficient information is also a problem.

3. Customer feedback on the post that you share or the product or services that you provide is extremely important for quality enhancement and performance check. Many startups commit this very common mistake of not considering the customers response and take it lightly. This hampers their reach amongst the new potential customers and is also a cause of decreasing share amongst the existing ones. Taking appropriate remedial measures to respond to customer complaints and queries thus becomes very important for a new startup.

4. When it comes to promotions on social media you need to have the right professionals in place working for you. The professionals know how to target, when to target and what changes are required in the strategies currently being followed. Therefore making this mistake of not hiring a social media professional can cost new startups a lot. Hiring good professionals can save your time and optimize your resource utilization to a great extent.


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