Make Money By Shopping


‘Make money by shopping?’ Sounds weird, right? Sounds downright absurd… The truth is, you can actually make money by spending. You just have to be very creative. That’s right. If you know how online shopping works, and how certain websites’ reward programs work, you can make quite a bit of money. It also helps to know how social networks like Twitter and Facebook work.

Use the blueprint below for you to make money by shopping. Not only do you get to shop to your heart’s content, but you make all that money back, and then some. As a result, instead of money going out of your pocket every month to pay that credit card bill, money is actually flowing in. How awesome is that?

Shop At Sites With Coupon Referral Programs

There are many e-commerce websites and online retailers that have a coupon referral program. This referral program works this way:

After you sign up for their program, you get a coupon that is worth ten to twenty percent off their merchandise. You publicize this coupon among your friends, associates, co-workers, whoever. If they use this coupon, not only do they save money on the stuff that they buy from the online retailer, but you can get freebies, discounts, or cold hard cash. That’s how coupon referral programs work. So it’s really important, for this first step, for you to only shop at websites that have a coupon referral program.

Sign Up For Their Coupon Referral Program

In many jurisdictions, you probably will need to enter your tax identification number because this is a form of income. In effect, you are getting paid a commission. This is taxable income. So it’s very important, when you are signing up, to have you social security number or tax ID number ready so you don’t experience any hassles signing up for the coupon referral program. Make sure you read the terms and conditions so that you don’t get accused of spamming and get booted out of the program. Once you know all the rules, sign up, and stick to the rules.

Get Your Friends Excited About Stuff You Buy

Remember step one? Shop at sites with coupon referral programs? Well, at this stage, you are going to show off to your friends the stuff that you bought from such sites. Take a lot of pictures of bags, toys, gadgets, make up, whatever it is that you bought from online retailers, and post it on your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Get your friends excited about the stuff you buy. I guess you can consider this as a form of micro blogging. Basically, using your Facebook feed to get your friends excited about the stuff you’ve been buying.

Of course, you have to walk a tight rope between showing off and bragging, and informing. It’s much better to just inform your friends regarding the value of the product. For example, if you buy luxury bags, instead of saying that it’s made by Prada or some highly respected brand name, play up the quality, workmanship, craftsmanship, and overall value of the item. Take really nice looking pictures, and be friendly. This is a key part of your online marketing. You’re marketing by just being yourself. This will soften up your friends for the next step.

Offer Discount Coupons

Once you have a lot of your friends liking, or retweeting, or repinning your updates, eventually the discussion turns to ‘where can I get that stuff?’ or ‘how can I get that stuff on a budget?” Then offer your discount coupons. Remember step two when you signed up for the coupon referral program? This is your time to rise and shine. Publish the coupon on your Facebook wall, or Twitter feed, or put it up on Pinterest as a picture.

Regardless, make sure your friends know that they can get massive discounts buying the stuff that you got them excited about. If you have done the previous steps correctly, this can add up to quite a bit of discounts for them and quite a bit of money for you. You make your money when your friends buy. No more, no less. It’s very important to make sure that you stick to the terms and conditions of the program. You wouldn’t want to work so hard and not make any money in the end.