How do you Get the Most out of Your Hotel Bookings?

hotel booking

So, how exactly can you make your hotel stays economical and still enjoy the maximum facilities? Well, a Hotel insider reveals it all- how much to tip, whether to use discount coupons, and so much more! Read on to have comfortable and affordable stay the next time you plan to book a hotel!

  • You’ll be surprised to know that the average cost to maintain a room and keep it ‘stay worthy’ is just $40- from cleaning to the sheets, the electricity costs and the hourly wages of the room keepers (even for a decent 4-star hotel). So the first tip is to stay somewhere that costs less than $40.
  • If you tend to travel a lot to the same place, it is always better to use the same hostel each time. Get to know the staff and you may be treated much better than the other guests, with free upgrades, discounts or more.
  • Never pay at the mini bar. The whole process of applying a mini bar bill is very inaccurate and horribly inexact, and even the smallest error may cause huge miscalculations. People at the front desks don’t want an argument.
  • It is very important to talk to the front desk with respect to get them to take your grievances seriously. Ask for the person’s who is dealing with your complaint. This makes it personal, and you may get your work done faster. So briefly outline your problem, offer a solution if you have one, and then ask whom you should speak with to have the problem solved. “Should I speak to a manager about this?” “Should I speak to housekeeping about this?”
  • If you want a good room, don’t opt for online discount websites. Hotels give those who book through last minute discounts sites the worst, smallest dingiest rooms. They know that a person choosing to book through a one-off deal, rather than their website is most likely a one-timer.
  • Trust me when I say the front desk has a lot of power- birthday or anniversary, every front desk official has the ability to upgrade for special occasions. Keep aside at least $20 aside for a generous tip, and you can easily win the luxury of a late checkout, free movie, free mini bar, or any other room service amenities.
  • Check in near the end of the day- hotels have a better sense of occupancy at that point and may offer you an upgrade.
  • It is advisable to book your flight and hotel together, often leads to more savings.
  • The last thing, DON’T act like you own the place. You treat the staff and they will treat you better.


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