Good Leaders Ensure Safety of the Organization and its People

Leadership quality is one of the most desirable qualities for working professional today. Almost every role in today’s world requires leadership skill in some way or the other. With leadership role comes the power to handle people and tasks. However handling that power appropriately is not everybody’s cup of tea. Power can make one feel boastful about his position. There is a difference between good leaders and most of the other leaders when it comes to handling that power with complete prowess. This difference is what makes good leaders shine amongst the lot. People are not intimidated around good leaders instead they feel more safe and fruitful being around them. But what is it that is so charming about these good leaders that they carry so confidently with them. It is their ability to handle power with utmost sincerity, integrity and honesty. Most of us tend to behave differently when put under different conditions. We may behave differently with our peers, our seniors or our subordinates while working in an organization. This difference in behavior comes because of the difference of the power. We often have this fear of loss of control because of any inappropriate behavior on our part.

However, with the right balance of trust and cooperation amongst the team members, this fear reduces down. Trust and cooperation are the two major important things helpful in unlocking the potential of an organization. Good leaders approach towards handling their team with complete trust helps them to gain advantage by harnessing the complete potential of their team. Also cooperation amongst the team member is something that a good leader always takes care of. However this is easier said than done. Being trustworthy and cooperative are not instructions that one will give and people will follow. These are actual feelings that one has to make sure is being embedded into his teams core values. This is where good leaders mark their presence. The important thing here is their approach to deal with diverse peoples in their team and make every member feel important, feel wanted and develop trustworthiness. This ultimately increases cooperation amongst the team members. And when this happens people automatically start feeling safe around such leaders. They develop trust on them, and willingly work to their full potential. This finally leads to higher productivity and efficiency of the employees and better management of people and resources in an organization.


Anum Yoon is the founder and editor of Current on Currency. She loves all things personal finance, which is why you'll find her work all over the PF blogosphere.