Content Marketing Strategies for 2018


To make your content marketing even more influential we bring you with certain new strategies, which may turn your business around for coming year ahead. This New Year, you could start not by introspecting or reflecting over your previous decisions, but by getting started already. January, 2018 is the month of action!

  • A thorough analysis into the content market reveals that the longer the articles or blogs, the greater is the impact. Blogs that are more than a 1000 words are more effective that with lesser number of words. It is obvious that longer posts tend to cover more of the allied topics, and also get a higher ranking for multiple keys across the search engine results. Even if you post 2-3 articles a month, it is alright. It is okay to create content a lower frequency, as long as the content is worth reading. Instead of creating mediocre pieces on a daily basis, invest the same resources and a little extra effort to deliver better, longer pieces even if they are fewer in number.
  • While market commentators may say that the content market doesn’t work, just 5% of branded content generates 90% of the entire engagement, what they have missed out is that 5% of content marketing is incredibly effective in catapulting the efficacy of brand engagement. So the point is loud and clear- Study that top 5%. To join them you need to understand their traits and strategies.
  • Speed up your blogging website. Let us face it- Your blog is the glue that binds your social media channels together.  So, have a carefully crafted blogging website that makes it attractive. Post as many info-graphics as possible; picture draw attention. You know your content marketing initiatives are doing well, when your blogs are yielding enough attention. If your content piece manages to engage meaningful audience through your blog, it may be an indication of putting it out on the media.
  • Promote Guest Blogs. This is one of the fastest ways of growing. You can ask them to write for you and share it on their social media, along with the link to you blogging site. Apart from that you can also start to write for other bloggers, who have a large number of followers already. People who like your content and writing will click on to your blog link that will be present in your bio at the bottom of your article.


Anum Yoon is the founder and editor of Current on Currency. She loves all things personal finance, which is why you'll find her work all over the PF blogosphere.