5 Ways To Cut Your Moving Expenses


Moving can be a real drag. Not only is it a lot of work but it can cost you a pretty penny too. If you hire someone there’s the high cost of the moving company. If you do it yourself there’s the cost of packaging materials and a truck rental. But don’t despair, you can still move on the cheap – if you do it the right way. Here are five ways you can cut the costs of your moving expenses.

Do It Yourself

Why hire a moving company when you can do all the work yourself? If you plan ahead you should have at least a couple of weeks to move your stuff. And if you are moving nearby you can make multiple trips. This means you can take your time and move non-essential items out one weekend and move the rest of your stuff out the next. By foregoing the moving company you are saving hundreds of dollars.

Get Free Boxes

There’s no need to go to Staples and buy 20+ boxes. You are only using the boxes to move, so you don’t really need brand new boxes. Most companies have a bunch of extra used boxes they either recycle or throw away. The grocery store, restaurants and other types of businesses may not mind if you take some of their spare boxes off their hands. It’s a win win situation for both parties.

Forgo The Bubble Wrap

Packing materials like bubble-wrap can be expensive. But so are your valuables and you should take care of them while you move. After all, a bumpy road can scratch and break your belongings. But you don’t need to waste your money on bubble wrap that you’re just going to use once and then throw away. There’s a cheaper way to protect your stuff. Just wrap towels around your television, computer, dishes, lamps or anything else fragile. When you run out of towels use clothing.

Rent A Friend

Hiring a moving company is expenses, but so is renting a truck to move all your stuff out. So instead, rent your friend who owns a truck instead. You can even offer them some money to help you move out. Whatever you pay them is small potatoes compared to what a moving company would charge you. Just be sure to return the favor in the future if they ever need help moving out.

Comparison Shop

If you need to move out quick and no friends are available to help you, then you’ll be forced to hire a moving company. Check Yelp for local moving companies with good reviews. Typically, good reviews mean the best combination of price and service. Compare rates and when you find one with a low hourly rate, make an appointment. The goal is to have your stuff out of your house and into their truck in the smallest amount of time. So before they get there, have all your stuff toward the front of the house already ready to go. Be nice to them, offer them a drink, help them move some stuff rather than just sitting there looking at them do all the hard work. That extra niceness goes a long way, as they may not charge you an extra hour for going over 15 minutes for example.