5 Apps That Help You Save Money


It seems like everyone nowadays has a smartphone in their pocket. Those who don’t have one yet might not get one because they can’t justify the high cost of owning one. Not just does a smartphone cost a lot of money, but the data fees cost an arm and a leg too. But this post will convince you that the benefits of a smartphone will far outweigh the high cost of one.

Both Android and iPhones have a plethora of apps that help you find the lowest price on whatever you’re looking to buy. Here are the top 5 free apps you should install on your phone to help you save money.


Dressing fashionably doesn’t have to be something only for the rich and famous. With the Poshmark app you can buy gently used clothing at a discounted price. If buying lightly used clothing doesn’t bother you, this app can help you look better at a bargain basement price. Using the Poshmark app you can also sell fashionable clothing you no longer wear. Just snap a picture, write a description and put a price on it.


The three leading daily deals sites are Groupon, Living Social and Google Offers. Each of those three apps offer extremely discounted offers to their members. Typically you can get deals on restaurants, spa packages or maid services. Once you find a deal you like, you can buy it right from your phone. Then to redeem it you can show your voucher right from your smartphone to the cashier so there’s no need to print out anything.


The best price comparison app for Android/iOS is Shop Savvy. With this free app you can scan the barcode of an item while you’re at the store. The app then brings up prices for the product found online or at brick and mortar stores nearby. With this information you can then decide if you’re getting a good deal at the store. Some shops even offer a price match service so you’ll be sure to get the lowest price every time.


This unique app lets you earn reward points for performing a variety of tasks. These rewards can then be redeemed for gift cards at participating stores. To get points (or kicks as they call it) you can browse product catalogs, physically visit participating stores and you can get bonus points for scanning certain items while you’re there. You can get additional kicks by linking your credit card to your account so you earn points every time you shop at participating stores. Some of the stores who participate include Target, Best Buy, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Wet Seal, Old Navy, Crate & Barrel and Macy’s. If you visit these stores regularly you should install the ShopKick app and get rewarded.


Don’t you just hate it when you forget your coupons at home or in your pocket or purse? And isn’t it a hassle to clip coupons and take them with you in the first place? Well you don’t need to do that any more with the SnipSnap app. With this app you can take pictures of all your paper coupons. They will then be stored and organized on your phone within the app. When you walk into a store the app recognizes this and reminds you to use your coupons. It also keeps track of expiration dates, letting you know when one of your coupons nears its’ expiration date.

Aside from trying to save money, you should also learn how to invest your money. Learn how to do this by checking out this article written by successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, including Gordon M. Goldstein, Rick Kimball, etc.