3 Ways To Keep Your Money In Your Wallet


If you are in debt it can seem difficult to dig your way out of it. You can try to earn more money but unless you suddenly get a big raise or land a second job, that’s not going to happen. So the easier way to dig your way out of debt is to save money.

Unfortunately saving money means making sacrifices to your quality of life. But there is a way to save money without changing your way of life. Here are three ways to keep your money in your wallet. Remember it is always very important to have back up money in the event of an emergence, many home owners have to hire professionals like Perrysburg roofing on short notices.

Make A Household Inventory

Sit down and see exactly what you are spending money on every month. Especially take note of recurring subscriptions. These are the ones that may not seem like much money, but they really do add up. After all, just $25 per month in actuality is $300 per year. If companies charged you by the year they would lose a lot of customers who would be scared at the high total. So they trick you into subscribing by saying “first month free” or by saying “just $25!” and then writing in small writing “per month” below it.

Check your bank statement or credit card bill for subscriptions to online sites or magazines that use the dreaded “auto renewal” feature. Cancel the ones that are not used regularly by relevant household members.  Are you not reading Rolling Stone? Say goodbye to the subscription. Has it been more than three days since you logged into Lumosity.com? Scrap it.

Use the Food You Have

How often have you planned to eat in, but at the last second decided to go out? This may not seem like a big deal, but the odds are that the food you were going to eat at home gets thrown out to the garbage. That $4 package of chicken that thawed and now is too dangerous to eat, is $4 you just let escape.

Keep a keen eye on your food budget. I’m not saying don’t go out to eat. Remember, we’re not trying to change your quality of life here. But if you have food that’s about to go bad, be sure to eat it while it’s still good. There’s no sense in throwing money down the drain.

Check Cable and Phone Bills Carefully

You would be shocked and surprised at how many errors occur.  Are you being charged for 3 DVRs when you only have two? Did the company sneak in a double surcharge tax?  And what is this 43 min call to Dubai? As irritating as it is there will always be errors that are not in your favor. Call them on it. Get your money credited.

You will rarely, if ever, see errors that are in your favor. Isn’t it interesting how it always seems to work that way.