3 Marketing Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

It is obvious that every business has a product or offers a service and this product or service needs to be promoted in the market, but what is not obvious is the fact that a prolific marketing presence shouldn’t be your main aim. You need to find a very thoughtfully planned and diligently executed marketing campaign to promote your brand in the media, instead of carrying out a lazy, mass-media video advertisement.

In order to save some valuable dollars here, business leaders tend to execute poorly planned marketing campaigns, and advertisements that tend to cause so much more harm than any actual gain to the brand. To have a greater impact on the audiences, it is important for businesses to be more efficient and effective at marketing, without embarrassing themselves or offending at consumer. Poor marketing will not get you customers, but bad marketing will lose your current customers as well. We present to you a list of marketing mistakes that could cost your business a lot. Read along to avoid these expensive mistakes:

(1) Make sure you are not making any false promises or over the top statements in your ads. You might have alluring taglines, but if you cannot keep up to those, you’ll lose out on customers. Your paying customers should be satisfies with the services that you provide. So, make sure your claims aren’t false. You could be clever with your ad and can convince people to give you a chance, but after that it all depends on how good your product is and how well you treat your customers.

(2) It is simply a sin for businesses to operate with bad data. Inaccurate or incorrect data can lead to you losing out on your revenue. In the field of advertising, you might have to try out your unique creatives on a set of experimental audience. In case you have clean data, the experiment will reveal the correct analysis; otherwise the ad might not exactly perform well.

(3) Long gone are those days when a mass- generated ad could be launched on the TV to attract customers. These days, with so much technology available, people tend to prefer more customized ads. Email newsletters should have links of pages that take your customer exactly to the desired product, and not to some unrelated link. Coupons should be automatically applied to a product. In order to engage the customers with your brand, make sure you are well equipped with the latest tech-trends.


Anum Yoon is the founder and editor of Current on Currency. She loves all things personal finance, which is why you'll find her work all over the PF blogosphere.