10 Ways to Save on Vacations


Taking a vacation from time to time is a vital part of releasing stress and keeping yourself together. Unfortunately, many people don’t think they have the means to take any time off from work to regroup, which leads to burned out workers that are over stressed and maxed out.

However, with a little bit of planning ahead and some creative money-saving methods, you can save money on your vacation to make your yearly get-away a reality. Read on to discover 10 easy ways you can save on your next vacation.

1. Travel off-season

Traveling when everyone else is home will not only have you a huge headache, it will also save you a ton of money. You can potentially save thousands of dollars if you’re headed to a beach area by simply arriving before or after the usual tourist season. Traveling off-season doesn’t mean you have to settle for cold weather and a lack of entertainment – many areas are nice year-round and entertainers often practice new routines during the slower months.

2. Be flexible

If you need to fly to get to your destination, being flexible can save you a lot of money on your trip. Plan your vacation around airline rates to maximize your savings. Usually, this means being able and willing to fly mid-week.

3. Buy groceries

Cooking your own meals on vacation may not seem like the best way to kick back and unwind, but making just one meal a day can save you significant amounts of money. Dining out comes with more than just the cost of the food, so cook your own and pay for the groceries rather than the food, the chef and the server.

4. Check out free sights

When you arrive at your vacation destination, spend some time checking out the free sights first. Not only are free sights great for your vacation budget, you’ll also discover helpful tips along the way about when other sights are their busiest or what hidden gems are lurking in your temporary neighborhood.

5. Stay on budget

It’s easy to splurge when your’e on vacation. Don’t do that. Make a budget and stick with it so when you return to the real world your dream vacation doesn’t become a nightmare to pay off. Avoid impulse buying, especially at souvenir shops.

6. Use a credit card with rewards

Whether you’re buying airline tickets, booking a hotel room or picking up a funny t-shirt, using a credit card with rewards will help your vacation pay for itself. As a bonus, if your card is lost or stolen while you’re away, you’ll likely be better protected than if you had used travelers checks or cash.

7. Buy a bundle

Vacation bundles are a great opportunity to save. Bundling your hotel, car, flight and other necessities together into one package will usually yield a small savings over booking each item separately. Sometimes, resorts offer bonuses for choosing bundles such as a free meal plan or an in-house voucher.

8. Stay somewhere with free breakfast

While a free bagel in the morning or complimentary coffee may not sound like a big deal, over the course of a week long vacation those breakfasts can add up. This is an especially great perk if you’re traveling with kids.

9. Check coupon booklets

When you arrive at your hotel, scour your room and the front desk for coupon pamphlets. Many places give out these free booklets as a way for local businesses to advertise. Sometimes, they contain money saving coupons and discounts to help you try new places while saving some money.

10. Use your smartphone

Your smartphone may have cost you hundreds but it can also save you hundreds on your vacation. Your smartphone is full of money saving apps. Use the Kayak app to book your flight and your hotel. This app will scour prices to bring you the lowest deals. Use the Groupon app to see what deals are available in the city you’re planning to visit. You can find a good deal on a massage or a local restaurant..

When traveling, look for ways to stretch your vacation dollar farther. Traveling on a light budget is a great way to ensure you’ll always have the funds needed for a little rest and relaxation.