Getting The Most Out Of Your Hard-Earned Money


Let’s face it-we live in tough and uncertain economic times. You may have just lost your job or are unsure if you will have a job in the near future. Regardless of your job standing, it makes a lot of sense to develop spending habits that will help you weather whatever current or future economic storms your household might face.


4 Signs You Are Underemployed


While most people have heard of the term unemployed and it’s fairly easy to figure that one out, most people are strangers to the concept of underemployment. Regardless, underemployment is a cold, hard reality in the United States and in many other countries. Underemployment is defined as being employed but not making enough money to earn your desired standard of living.


4 Signs You’re Headed For A Financial Crash


When it comes to personal finance, usually, people are surprised when the stuff hits the fan. This may be surprising to many outside observers, but people truly are taken by surprise when it seems their financial house of cards come crashing down. To an outside observer, the signs are everywhere. And they are quite puzzled why people who eventually find themselves hitting a financial wall and experiencing a budgetary crunch express so much surprise when bad things happen.


10 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score


These days, having good credit is more important than ever. In wake of global financial upsets, lenders are being pickier than in the past about who they give loans to. If you have anything other than great credit, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a lot of rejection letters. Instead of playing roulette when the time comes to get a loan, try improving your credit score before you apply using these 10 easy methods.


10 Ways to Save on Vacations


Taking a vacation from time to time is a vital part of releasing stress and keeping yourself together. Unfortunately, many people don’t think they have the means to take any time off from work to regroup, which leads to burned out workers that are over stressed and maxed out.